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Monaco’s National Council present priority policies for 2021

Conseil national

During the traditional new year greeting to the press, on Monday 18 January, the President of the National Council outlined what the representatives would be focusing on this coming year.


Top on the list of priorities for the National Council this year will be the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, an extension of the furlough scheme and updates for certain legislation.

Accelerating the vaccination campaign

St├ęphane Valeri, president of the National Council, hopes to offer the vaccine to all Mon├ęgasque citizens, non nationals and commuters “as soon as possible.” In other words, 80,000 people could be receive an appointment to the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco’s new vaccination centre, in the near future. “We must not forget about commuters who work here and contribute to our country’s economy.”

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Our country is coping much better than many others

St├ęphane Valeri speaking on the health crisis

Extending the furlough scheme

In order to support the industries hardest hit by the pandemic, St├ęphane Valeri expressed his support for the continuation of the CTTR (furlough scheme) for “as long as necessary.” Hospitality and tourism will be two sectors benefiting from increased economic support. One of the briefly outlined measures was that the repayment of state guaranteed loans will be postponed to 2022.

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Also on the agenda

In 2021, the National Council will also be updating France’s legal framework. Examples of the legislative projects include:

  • Gaining Mon├ęgasque citizenship through marriage
  • Modernising the role of civil servants
  • Various texts for digital development
  • Anti-bullying laws
  • Laws governing the division of hours worked
  • Laws for long term protection of the social housing sector
  • Improving laws protecting minors