In brief

Esurf: Ride the waves with the first “Made in Monaco” electric surfboard


A new water sports toy is hitting the market this summer. Innovative and eco-friendly, Esurf is transforming how surfers ride the ocean waves.


Esurf has many an accolade to its name. Not only are these electric surfboards one of the lightest on the market, coming in at just 24kg, but they are one of the fastest too, taking surfers to speeds of 64km/h. If this was not enough, water sports enthusiasts can also surf the waves for 45 minutes at a time, as this board holds its charge for longer than any other on the market.

Despite its innovative design, Esurf is not just for professionals. Everyone can have a go. A versatile piece of equipment, in just a few minutes it can be turned into an Ekart (a go-kart for the sea) or into an Esurf Tube for those wanting an easier surfing experience.

The product of a passionate entrepreneur

The mastermind behind Esurf is Flavien Neyertz, who is a two-time jetsurfing world champion. His journey to creating this watersport toy began in 2019 when the Monégasque entrepreneur founded COBALT: a business specialising in electric motors. It was by setting up this business that he was able to make jetsurfing more eco-friendly.

A greener approach to surfing

Throughout my entire career surfing on petrol powered boards, I’ve noticed the impact we’re having. So now what we want to do is use our innovative and unique technology to change our practices and help protect the environment.

Flavien Neyertz

As part of this eco-friendly approach, Flavien Neyertz wanted to create a surfboard that was completely electric powered and produced both zero noise and zero pollution. He is also very committed to protecting our oceans, especially as his passion is so dependent on them. In order to do this, for every Esurf sold, a donation will be made to a Monégasque organisation that works to protect the environment.