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New sea shuttle service to connect Nice and Monaco

Nice Port Lympia shuttle Cap d'Ail
Wikipedia / Port Lympia, in Nice

This summer it will be possible to travel between Nice and Cap d’Ail on the border of Monaco on a sea shuttle. Local authorities in Nice have launched this project in the hopes of reducing traffic and making travel to the Principality easier.

Every day, thousands of people travel from Nice to Monaco and its surrounding areas via the main highways that connect the two cities together. However, this heavy flow of traffic is increasing air pollution and creating problems for those living near near the roads. In an effort to alleviate these problems, local authorities in Nice have decided to link the ports of Cap d’Ail and Nice together thanks to a hybrid sea shuttle service that will come into service in August 2021. “This decision is a further step being taken to encourage motorists to change their habits and choose a form of soft mobility,” explained Monaco’s National Council.


A 35 minute journey across the sea

A total of 34 trips will be made each day, allowing 1200 people to go between the two ports by boat. Covering a distance of around 15km, on a sunny day in good conditions, the journey would only take 35 minutes. The shuttle will set sail every hour or once every 30 minutes during peak times. In Nice, the shuttle is connected to tramline number 2, as well as the park and ride service in Port Lympia. Shuttle tickets will be included in the transport pass available in the city.

As the Princely Government plans to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads by 20% before 2030, these hybrid shuttles, powered by both electricity and hydrogen, are a key part of Monaco’s plan to be more environmentally friendly. This sea shuttle project is estimated to cost five million euros, excluding tax, and will be partially financed by the Principality.

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