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Monapass, the new app facilitating travel in Monaco

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Princely Government

Getting from A to B in Monaco just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Principality’s brand new app “Monapass”.


Designed to make travelling around the Principality easier, the Princely Government, Monaco’s Bus Company and the Town Hall have joined forces to launch a brand new app: Monapass. In just a few clicks, users will have information about buses, Monabike and places to park in Monaco, shown to them all in one app.

Information at your fingertips

As well as users being able to purchase tickets and plan their journeys via the app, Monapass also provides people with real-time information. Users can quickly search for their closest means of transport, bus timetables and whether any electric bikes are available nearby.

Monaco’s Bus Company has devised a new ticketing system with the company CB to enable passengers to use this app. Thanks to Monapass, users can now pay for tickets via the app, or with a contactless bank card on board the bus. Another perk of the app is ticket prices become cheaper the more journeys you make. An app that saves you both money and time.

An app likely to evolve

Developed by the Department of Environmental Equipment and Urban Planning and the Inter-ministerial Delegation in charge of Digital Transition, this app puts all the information about each mode of public transport available in Monaco in one place. “There is also the water bus, and perhaps even gondola lifts, these are all ways of getting around that are sure to exist and that Monaco will likely benefit from,” explained Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development.

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