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Prince Albert II Foundation announces winners of wildlife photography competition


After the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation launched its wildlife photography competition, themed “Humanity is wildlife: Crossed destinies, shared territories”, some of the best entries from the 1,400 photographers who took part from all over the world will be put on display from the 1 May in Monaco’s Boulingrins Gardens.


Judges were faced with some difficult decisions after 6,000 photographs were entered into the competition. After much deliberation they crowned winners in three categories: “Incredible Wildlife”, “Wildlife in Crisis” and “Reasons for Hope”. A variety of photos were received, some capturing the harm human behaviour is doing to nature, whilst others took a more positive approach, photographing humans and wildlife living peacefully together.

A gorilla, a stag and bioluminescent mushrooms

The jury, composed of professional photographers and members of organisations campaigning for a more sustainable future, decided that the winner of the Foundation’s Environmental Photography Award was to be Kathleen Ricker with her photograph “Gorilla by the Water”. A beautiful piece of art, she captured the moment a gorilla was looking out over a river in a mountainous region of Uganda.

A photograph capturing a rare type of plant species, known as bioluminescent mushrooms, which only glows for a few days of the year, was crowned the winner in the “Incredible Wildlife” category. Coming out on top in the “Reasons for Hope” category was a photographer who captured a moment between two cohabiting worlds: a stag grazing in some green space suspended above a highway.

If you would like to see other photographs from the competition, visit the Boulingrins Gardens in Monaco, from the 1 May to 1 June 2021, or view the online exhibition at

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