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We know a little more about what youngsters in Monaco are addicted to


The Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (IMSEE) has published a supplementary report that studies addiction among 16 year olds.


Tobacco, alcohol, electronic cigarettes, gambling, online betting, cannabis … Addictions that often concern young people as early as high school.

IMSEE has launched a study to supplement the results of the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (EPSAD).  The EPSAD survey was carried out in 2020 to study addictive behaviour among young people across Europe.

What the numbers tell us

All 16-year-olds attending school in Monaco, i.e. 428 pupils, completed an anonymous questionnaire. Analysis of the results provides a significant amount of information:

  • 45% of young people report having experimented with tobacco (42% on average in Europe); one of the lowest figures ever recorded.
  • 63% of young people say they have tried electronic cigarettes (40% on average in Europe); Monaco is in second place among European countries.
  • Nine out of ten young people have already consumed alcohol (eight out of ten in Europe), but only 27% consumed more than five drinks in the course of a single evening in the month (against 35% in Europe); a trend that remains stable.
  • 22% of young people say they have tried cannabis (18% in Europe); young Monegasques ranked fourth among the largest European consumers here.
  • 27% of youngsters surveyed have gambled online in the last 12 months (22% in Europe); Monaco is in sixth place in the rankings.

Last but not least, young Monegasques are on top of the European podium when it comes to social networks: 98% of them spend at least half an hour a day there.