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AMADE : solar lamps to help underprivileged children in Senegal


The World Association of Children’s Friends (AMADE), chaired by Princess Caroline of Hanover, has launched a project to promote access to energy, education, digital services and protection for children in Senegal.


In Africa, nearly 10 million children are born each year into a home that has no electricity. Without energy, they have no light to study by after dark, nor access to digital services, creating further inequalities. Also without access to clean water, their health may be affected.

Thanks to AMADE’s “Energy of Hope” programme, nearly 2,000 children in the Richard Toll areas of northern Senegal will have access to individual solar lamps. Each lamp represents the possibility of four extra hours of study per child per day.

Children will be able to access the lamps through a distribution network of energy kiosks in their villages and in their schools. The network will be run by local women who will be responsible for sales (it is a pay-as-you-go service) and for raising awareness. In addition, 10,000 villagers should have access to goods and services provided by these energy kiosks.

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This project is implemented on the ground by the ‘Le Partenariat’ NGO, which now receives support from the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Banque CMB Monaco.

AMADE hopes that the project will make it possible to identify if and how the target populations access energy and digital technology, and to meet their primary needs..

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