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A Venturi rover on the Moon and Mars soon?


The Monegasque group announced the launch of Venturi Lab, a new Swiss entity that designs and manufactures mobility solutions that are capable of coping with the extremely harsh environmental conditions on the Moon and Mars.

We are already aware of Venturi and its automotive exploits, Venturi and its speed records, Venturi and its polar exploration vehicles. Now, Venturi is, dare we say it, Venturi-ng into space.


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With the aim of further expanding its business, the group chaired by Gildo Pastor is setting off in a new direction by extending its expertise to the challenges of space.

Build a rover to transport astronauts over very rugged terrain where temperatures drop to -160°C

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Antonio Delfino

Along with Dr. Antonio Delfino, former head of the chemistry and physics department and Fellow at Michelin, Gildo Pastor has co-founded Venturi Lab, an entity that invents and designs mobility solutions capable of coping with the extreme conditions that can be found on the Moon and Mars.

Venturi Lab is working closely with Venturi in Monaco and Venturi North America in Columbus (Ohio, USA) to develop the required technology. But also with a 100% American-owned company, based in California: Venturi Astrolab.

A Monegasque flag on the Moon or Mars soon?

Its main objective is the construction of a rover for SpaceX and NASA’s upcoming lunar missions. With the support of Venturi Monaco and Venturi North America, Venturi Astrolab hopes to supply NASA with its vehicles in the future.

“Discussions with Gildo Pastor on the possibility of sending a multifunctional electric rover to the Moon and then to Mars began in 2018”, Antonio Delfino reveals. “Thanks to teams from Venturi in Monaco and Venturi Astrolab in Los Angeles, we will study, develop and build a rover to transport astronauts on very rugged terrain, where the temperature is -160°C.”

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I want to raise the Monegasque flag even higher

Gildo Pastor

Further down the line, Venturi Lab also intends to develop technologies that will reduce land, sea and air pollution.

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“Since 2001, we have created high-performance two- or four-wheeled and even caterpillar-track vehicles capable of travelling in -50° C temperatures, or up to 549 km/h depending on the model,” Gildo Pastor explains. “Today, I am committing our know-how and resources to space research. I want to raise the Monegasque flag even higher.”