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Could you become one of the Prince’s Carabinieri?

Carabiniers Monaco
Gaetan Luci, Eric Mathon and Axel Bastello / Prince's Palace - Manuel Vitali / Communication Department- © All rights reserved. Palace of Monaco archive collection

The 2023 recruitment campaign for Prince Albert II’s Carabinieri Company has begun. Ever wondered what it takes?  Read on!

What an honour to serve and protect the Princely Family! The privileged few pledge to devote their lives to the Principality and to maintain a tranquil environment for the Prince. However, candidates need to meet very specific criteria to be able to apply for the position of Carabinier (Rifleman).


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Not everyone has what it takes to become a Carabinier. First of all, you have to be of Monegasque or French nationality, between 19 and 27 years old, measure between 1.80m and 2m, have no visible tattoos and be single from the time you apply until the end of the one-year probationary period.

Good physical health is obviously a fundamental prerequisite to joining the Company. Candidates must have perfect eyesight and a BMI of between 19 and 25.

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In addition, they must know how to swim, have a B category driver’s licence and have completed the JDC (Defense and Citizenship Day).

If you check all those boxes, you then have to undergo an entrance examination that involves general knowledge tests, physical fitness tests, medical and psychological examinations and, finally, recruitment interviews.

Click here to apply and for more details on the entrance examination.