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Ukrainian refugee cat Stepan world’s best influencer

chat stepan
Instagram - @loveyoustepan

Stepan, the Ukrainian cat, has become very popular on social networks and has now taken the prize for ‘best influencer in the world’.

More than a month ago, we announced a special nomination for the World Influencers and Bloggers Awards (WIBA) 2022. In Cannes, Stepan the Ukrainian cat, originally from Kharkiv, won the top prize in the competition, becoming the best influencer in the world.

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His mistress, Anna, posted a photo of the feline, along with his trophy, in a seat at the Martinez Hotel. “Thank you all” says the description, as Stepan displays his signature pout, in contrast with the symbolic importance of his victory.

This year, the WIBA were collecting donations for children affected by the war in Ukraine. Stepan’s mistress had launched her own fundraising campaigns for animal welfare charities in times of war.