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First case of monkey pox virus in the Principality

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A first case of monkey pox has been detected in Monaco and initial measures are being taken.

1000 cases of monkey pox have already been detected in France. In the Principality, a first case has just been detected and three other patients may also be infected. On Wednesday, Monaco Info invited Olivia Keïta-Perse, Head of the Epidemiology and Health Hygiene Department at the CHPG, to provide more details on this little-known virus.


“It is a disease that is essentially cutaneous in presentation, resulting in sores on the skin that resemble chicken pox sores,” explains Oliva Keïta-Perse. These lesions then form a crust and fall off. It is a viral disease that is generally not dangerous except in rare cases. “In a few cases, which have not yet been observed in France, there may be complications such as pulmonary pathologies and encephalitis,” the doctor adds.

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“Anyone can catch the disease. The virus is transmitted in close contact situations, from skin to skin or from mucous membrane to mucous membrane. There is a droplet or airborne transmission element,” the specialist warns.

What should people do if sores appear? “They can go to the hospital or talk to their doctor,” advises Dr. Keïta-Perse.

Initial measures are being taken in the Principality. “The Government has asked for vaccines, it is possible to envisage vaccination in Monaco,” concludes the head of department at the CHPG.

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