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VIDEO. A Ferrari collides with two scooters in Monaco

Screenshot YouTube / G-E SUPERCARS

Since it was posted online, the video by the YouTuber G-E SUPERCARS has had almost 450,000 views.

Some viewers are speculating about what happened. Others are reassured that the collision did not cause more damage. Some are simply amazed at the beauty of the car. In the comment section of the latest video from the YouTuber G-E SUPERCARS, there is a lot of excitement. The video was posted on 22 August and has now had almost 450,000 views.


And for good reason: the sequence filmed in Monaco is somewhat remarkable. It shows a beautiful blue Ferrari, worth an estimated 3.5 million Euros, accidentally crashing into two scooters parked nearby. The images were recorded by G-E SUPERCARS, a YouTuber with over 61,000 subscribers, who is used to filming luxury cars. While in Monaco with his girlfriend, he couldn’t resist filming a “LaFerrari”, a hybrid model, driving and then parking on the Avenue des Spélugues, right next to the Rampoldi restaurant.

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On board, it is not the owner who is behind the wheel but his driver. The driver gets out of the car to wait for the owner. Did he forget to put the handbrake on? Probably, because after a few seconds, the car starts to roll, picks up speed and, despite the driver’s attempt to get back on board, hits two scooters parked nearby. One of the motorcyclists had the fast reflex to move out of the way, nearly becoming a victim of the collision.

The incident took place in front of the car’s owner, who can be seen arriving in panic, shouting at his driver. According to Monaco Matin, the videographer saw the car again a few days later and noticed some scratches on the bumper. Even if minimal, this damage could, according to Monaco Life, cost tens of thousands of Euros to repair. According to Monaco Matin, the owner of the car gave his telephone number to the owners of the scooters.