In brief

A new view of the Mediterranean, at Monaco station

Gilles Cappadoro

"Terra di mare" is the name of the new exhibition, which opened on Thursday 22 September. 

Monaco, Cap d'Ail, Roquebrune, Menton, Ventimiglia. And sometimes, Corsica in the distance..... Landscapes with a Mediterranean backdrop will be on display over the next two months in Monaco Monte-Carlo station. For the 4th time since the beginning of 2022, the Monegasque railway station is being transformed into an exhibition space that everyone can visit.

The self-taught photographer of Sicilian origin, Gilles Cappadoro, has chosen to pay tribute to the Mediterranean by eschewing colour, in particular blue, and using only green-grey tones. The artist wanted to emphasise the graphic aspect of the landscapes and the contrast between light and shadow.

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The 11 photographs will be visible to the thousands of travellers who frequent Monaco Monte-Carlo station every day, in the area giving on to the Sainte-Dévote square, until 18 November. Something to brighten up their daily commute!

About the artist.. 

After a first series of photos at the Château des Terrasses in Cap d'Ail as part of the "Mediterranée" exhibition at the beginning of the year, and then at the Monte-Carlo Business Centre, Gilles Cappadoro has just entered into a partnership with the Maybourne Riviera in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin to decorate part of the hotel with photographs. He is also working on an exhibition of photos to do with postcards, with a museum on the Riviera.