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Austrian painter Helmut Koller exhibition in Monaco for a month

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The artist will be the guest of honour at his ‘K O L L E R I S M’ exhibition, which opens on Monday 12 September at the Kamil Art Gallery.

You no doubt know him through his colourful animal paintings, which are collected all over the world. Initially a photographer, Helmut Koller turned to painting in 1987, opting for acrylic on canvas. Since 1997, the artist has been working on his series of “colourful, super-realistic pop” animal paintings.


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He will soon be exhibiting in Monaco, at the Kamil Art Gallery. The name of the exhibition, “K O L L E R I S M”, is a reference to the “Kollerism” style, by which Helmut Koller defines his work. Felines, birds, monkeys or reptiles: they are all painted in extravagant colours, surrealist shades for animals that we know well.

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The exhibition, which will have an intimist inauguration on 12 September, is organised in support of The Animal Fund (TAF), an environmental charity launched in 2015 and based in France, Monaco, the UK and Denmark.

Practical details:

  • Exhibition open to the public from Tuesday 13 September, 10 am to 7 pm
  • Free admission
  • Exhibition ends on 12 October