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Petrol shortage in the Principality: “delivery is due on Wednesday”

penurie essence principaute station esso
Paul Charoy / Monaco Tribune

Several petrol stations in Monaco have already run out (or almost) of fuel. 

At the Esso station next to the Stade Louis-II, about fifteen vehicles are patiently awaiting their turn. The street is almost gridlocked, police officers and petrol station attendants direct the traffic and organise the queue.


“We are limiting refuelling to 25 euros per person,” explains the petrol station manager.  They have everything, but in small quantities. What about restocking? “Esso have told us that we will have a delivery of fuel by Wednesday,” he said, adding that “it’s about 90% certain.”

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A little further on, at the Charles III petrol station, the situation is clear. We contacted them by phone, and it was a short call: “We have nothing left at all”. At the Place d’Armes, “We don’t have a problem with diesel and we have a little bit of E-10 left,” we learned when we called the station.

Rationing therefore seems unavoidable until new supplies arrive.