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Prince Albert II in Egypt for COP 27


The Sovereign spoke about the Mediterranean and met with scientists.


Following on from his trip to southern Italy, Prince Albert II headed to Egypt to take part in COP 27. On Thursday 10 November, the Prince gave the opening speech at an event organised by the Prince Albert II Foundation at the Mediterranean Pavilion.

“Swimming the talk: Scaling-up action to tackle climate change in the Mediterranean region – Monaco’s commitment” was designed to show the world Monaco’s progress in protecting the Mediterranean Sea from climate change.

During his speech, the Sovereign stressed the vulnerability of the Mediterranean and specified that “the environmental and climatic challenges (…) are more accentuated in the Mediterranean than in most regions of the world”.

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“Yesterday it was the symbol of the progress of civilisations… Today it is the symbol of the dysfunctions and tensions of the planet. It must be the symbol of new solutions tomorrow,” said the Prince, in the hope that the Mediterranean will become a laboratory and a model for the whole world.

During the event, three panels of specialists presented their research work. The Prince then went to the Cryosphere Pavilion to meet and exchange ideas with the young scientists who are part of the scholarship programme related to polar research, funded by the Sovereign’s Foundation.

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