Anti-spike lid arrives in Monaco’s bars and clubs

© Communication Department – Stéphane Danna

Three Monegasque charities are taking part in the “A safe evening” campaign by distributing anti-tamper lids for glasses, and drug tests to check what is in one’s drink.


“Faire la fête, sans perdre la tête !” The three Monegasque charities Be Safe, Fight Aids and the Red Cross have joined forces to protect partygoers from drugs and dangerous driving, using this slogan, which roughly translates as ‘Have fun, but stay in control’.

Through the campaign, which will run until January 2, the charities want to raise public awareness of the risks involved on a night out. In addition to the existing information vehicles, the Monegasque Red Cross will be distributing anti-tamper lids to prevent drinks being ‘spiked’ with drugs, and innovative coasters.

They act as drug tests. Just a drop of drink on the coaster will show if it has been laced with GHB, also known as the “date-rape drug”.

For the moment, only the Rascasse, MK and Twiga are taking part in the campaign.