Charlotte Casiraghi: elegance meets intelligence

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Town and Country magazine published an interview with Charlotte Casiraghi about her life as a mother and her desire to promote philosophy.


Cool, calm and collected is how Princess Caroline’s daughter Charlotte Casiraghi is described in Chloe Malle’s article ‘Charlotte Casiraghi is the Definition of Grace Under Pressure‘.

In the interview, Charlotte Casiraghi was happy to talk about the new reputation Monaco enjoys in the academic world, that of a philosophy Mecca. A success for the woman who launched the literary events and PhiloMonaco after going back to her studies during lockdown.

The Chanel ambassador also explains that she lives her life to the full without giving too much importance to what others think of her. She feels it is a way of protecting herself from her status as the daughter of a princess, where her every move is scrutinised. Luckily, Charlotte Casiraghi has found a refuge in writing, with which “no one can really interfere”.

Normal family life

With her two children, Balthazar and Raphaël, Charlotte Casiraghi says her daily life as a mum is much like anyone else’s. “I would say that my typical day is not that exciting or different from many mothers’,” she claims. She limits her children’s screen time but they are “voracious readers” anyway and naturally reach for books just like their mother. While Raphaël is fascinated by The Little Prince and comic books, his brother Balthazar is keen on Greek mythology.

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True to her reputation, Charlotte Casiraghi ends the interview by philosophising about motherhood: “I think every day has its difficult and incredible moments. Every day you have moments where you worry about your children, where they exhaust you, and then you have times where you share so much with them and there’s just no doubt in your mind that they are the most important thing in your life.”