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Covid-19: incidence rate doubles, Government appeals for vigilance

M├ędecin Covid-19

Warning bells are sounding as the festive season looms, concerning both the Covid-19 and seasonal flu viruses. 


The end of Covid-19 is not in sight yet….┬áThe incidence rate is 401 in Monaco, compared to 240 the previous week.┬á157 new positive cases were recorded last week (21/11 to 27/11), which is up on the last weekly report of 94 additional cases.

Masks are recommended

At the same time, the winter flu is back, so it is urgent to keep applying barrier measures if we are to avoid a new wave of the epidemic, and fight against winter viruses.

“The Government of Monaco strongly recommends wearing a mask in case of suspected contamination, as well as on public transport and in busy shopping and tourist areas.” Vigilance is also required in the run-up to the festive season, a time when families gather together.

In addition to these preventative measures, the vaccination campaign continues.┬á “It remains one of the most effective means of protection against serious illness,” says the Executive.

To contact the Covid Centre call 92 05 55 00 or head over to