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Eze helicopter crash: the Russian-born victim’s widow quashes rumours about her late husband


Viacheslav Taran has been the target of false accusations since his death.

On 25 November, two men tragically lost their lives in a helicopter crash in Eze. One of them was Viacheslav Taran, a Russian-born businessman who was married to Olga Taran, founder of Hello Monaco magazine.


The accident, whose cause has not yet been made public, has prompted a great deal of reaction on the Internet, and given rise to much speculation. Viacheslav Taran subsequently became the target of some terrible rumours. His widow therefore decided to publish a statement on her website and social networks, in the hope of putting an end to the lies circulating on the web.

“I have lost a loving husband and a father of three of our children. It is intolerably painful for me to realize that we will never see him again. But, it is even more difficult to stay silent when someone is spreading lies about my beloved Viacheslav,” she writes.

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Viacheslav “was always eager to help Ukrainians”

According to Olga Taran, these lies stem from a Ukrainian website,, which is said to have published an article stating that Viacheslav was a billionaire involved in money laundering on behalf of Russian elites, and was even a Russian spy.

“All of this is outrageous,” says Olga, calling it “an absolute lie”. “My husband never had any connections to the Russian government or any political affiliations. He left Russia to pursue and focus on his business interests back in 2008”, she continues.

As well as denying links between her husband and Russia, Olga adds that her husband had constantly supported a Ukrainian charity,, since 2014. When the war in Ukraine broke out almost a year ago now, “Viacheslav with his friends created a charitable foundation for Ukrainian refugees in Montenegro which accepted [the] first refugees on 5th of March, 2022 and still is actively helping the Ukrainians in need.”

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Condemning an unfair attack on her husband, who “always actively supported Ukrainian people through his charity foundations, especially children who lost their parents”, Olga Taran highlights the role played by some Western media who published the allegations, such as The Daily Mail and The Sun, both UK tabloids. “I urge all Western journalists who cite to stop spreading the lies (…) My children have already been bullied because of these accusations and I am concerned for their safety,” she adds.

Olga Taran concludes with the certainty that those who knew Viacheslav, and in particular the Monegasque community, know that all these accusations are false. “Please do not tarnish his good name and memory. We still have not received Viacheslav’s body due to the investigation and each day brings unbearable pain.”

The pilot Nicolas Geslin had over 2,000 hours’ flying time

Sadly, the crash claimed a second victim: the pilot of the aircraft also died in the accident. According to our colleagues in Var-Matin, he was Nicolas Geslin. The Normandy-born man lived on the Côte d’Azur with his wife, and was about to celebrate his 35th birthday on 15 December.

According to the local media, he had been flying over the Côte d’Azur since 2015 and had 2,300 hours of flight time in his log book. He had worked for Héli Air Monaco, Fly Pictures and Azur Hélico before joining Monacair.

An experienced pilot, flying a new aircraft and in good weather conditions… the investigation by the research section of the air transport police, aims to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

The editorial staff at Monaco Tribune wishes to convey its deepest condolences and support to the families and loved ones of both victims.