Your Monaco: the new must-have app for Monaco residents and employees

your monaco app
Your Monaco

Public transport, traffic, school canteen menus, places of interest… The application contains everything that might come in useful in Monaco daily life.


Your Monaco is evolving, with a new mobile application. From now on, residents, commuters and cross-border workers will be able to check out all the practical information about the Principality on their smartphone, in French, English and Italian.

The new application contains everything that was previously on the Your Monaco website and is therefore a must-have when moving around in Monaco. There is a whole raft of useful information and services such as:

  • real-time information on public transport, traffic and accidents
  • menus for the school canteens and daycare centres, opening times and cinema programmes
  • a chatbot that helps users to sort their waste
  • places of interest, events and activities
  • informational articles on different themes, such as the environment, town planning and everyday Monaco

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To make it even more practical to use, users can customise their home screen to show the information they most often want to consult as soon as they open the app. They can also set up alerts, so they are notified when there is new information on their chosen topics.

Your Monaco on the App Store and Google Play