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Your questions: how to work in the hospitality industry in Monaco?

Monte-Carlo Monaco SBM
┬ę Monte-Carlo SBM

Whether you live in the Alpes-Maritimes or elsewhere, many of you ask us about job opportunities in Monaco. There are many opportunities in the hotel and catering industry, and some even come with accommodation.


The H├┤tel de Paris, the Monte-Carlo Beach, the Hermitage… All these prestigious and internationally renowned establishments are part of the Soci├ęt├ę des Bains de Mer (SBM). With four hotels and 30 restaurants, the group recruits all year round, and in particular for the high season between April and September.

How to apply?

SBM accepts direct applications all year round by e-mail at or via the group’s website (which will be accessible again from January 2023). Alterantively, you can answer an advertisement for a vacancy. These appear regularly on Indeed, Linkedin or in the daily newspaper Monaco-Matin and industry-specific press such as the Journal des Palaces.

Who has priority?

In Monaco, top priority is given to Monegasques, then to spouses and children of Monegasques, then to residents of the Principality and finally to residents of neighbouring municipalities (Beausoleil, Cap d’Ail, La Turbie and Roquebrune-Cap Martin).┬á“Before searching further afield, we publish the job offer at the Principality’s Employment Service. If the Service has no candidates to suggest or if the candidates do not meet our criteria, we then consider other applications,” explains Sophie Vincent, SBM’s Human Resources Director.

While some might find this off-putting, you should be aware that there are “only” 9,000 nationals in Monaco.┬á“We therefore have to broaden our horizons to find other candidates,” says the HR director. And if you have no (or very little) experience in the hotel and catering industry, you can still try your luck.

SBM is not averse to that, on the contrary: “Today we are more interested in people who know how to be than those who know how to do. We can be very pleasantly surprised by people who are not in the business, but who are keen to get into it. We have a sufficient number of talented professionals in the Resort to provide quality training.”

When to apply?

While SBM recruits throughout the year, the biggest recruitment drive is for April through October. An additional 1,000 employees are taken on by SBM during the high season.┬á“This summer, with the opening of the new venues, we are looking for candidates in all the hotel and restaurant professions, whether in the kitchen, the dining room or at reception. We also have requirements in security, room service and maintenance.”

It should be noted that seasonal workers are recruited from February onwards. A specific recruitment day is due to be organised, like the one held last October, but with a “more interactive” format.┬áThe aim is to be as attractive as possible, given the lack of enthusiasm for these positions.

“Covid-19 has certainly accelerated the phenomenon and young people have different expectations today, particularly in terms of quality of life,” notes Sophie Vincent. “But apart from the sometimes difficult working hours, the hotel and catering professions are still fabulous. Our establishments are an extraordinary setting, and the team spirit can’t be matched.”

How are the interviews carried out?

Remote interviews are suggested up front for people who are far away, but “direct contact is important both for us and for the candidate,” believes the HR Director. “If they don’t know much about us, we take the opportunity of showing them the company.” Depending on the position, the group may cover interview travel costs.

Is accommodation part of the package?

Yes, but not systematically. 200 of the 1,000 seasonal workers recruited for the high season can be provided with accommodation.┬á“Priority is given to those who come from far away,” says the Human Resources Director, who hopes to increase accommodation capacity in the coming years.

What are the benefits of working in Monaco?

There are many advantages to working in Monaco and particularly at SBM, in addition to the rather exceptional working environment and the very good experience it represents on one’s CV.┬á“Every quarter – for SBM employees in hotel and catering – there is a wage increase, in line with the cost of living. Employees also receive profit-sharing bonuses and a food allowance. We also have a social fund and a company health insurance scheme for employees and their families. There is a ÔéČ40 net transport allowance per month for employees who live more than 8 km from their workplace, and a 13th month bonus after one year’s service.”

There is also the possibility of rapid career development within the group through the training on offer.

Generally speaking, Monegasque employees enjoy a higher net salary than French employees, for the same gross salary, since social contributions are lower in the Principality.┬á“Being an employee in Monaco also gives you a certain number of advantages through the Monegasque social security system,” emphasises Sophie Vincent. “For French people, this includes the right to family allowance for their first child, for example.”