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How much does it cost to rent a flat near Monaco?

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@La Turbo Town Council

An interactive map, published by the Ministry of Housing, makes it possible to monitor how much rent the French pay, by region. 

Not surprisingly, rents around Monaco are among the highest in France. Here we will only mention the rental price per square metre (including ‘charges’) for privately-owned flats. This “rent map”, produced through a partnership between the French Ministry of Housing, the SeLoger Group and Leboncoin, shows that Cap d’Ail holds the local record, with an average of 27 euros per square metre. As a reference, the average monthly rent for a flat in France, per square metre, is 9.38 euros, according to estimates by the National Agency for Housing Information (ANIL).


Not far away, Beausoleil comes in at 25.10 euros, La Turbie at 23.40 euros then Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, with an average of 21.40 euros per square metre. These are the municipalities that border the Principality, but the map covers the entire Département and beyond.

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Further afield, you can rent a flat in Darney in the Vosges for 5.75 euros per square metre . In the 4th arrondissement of Paris, you will need to budget for 33.07 euros per square metre.