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Monaco claims water consumption down by 26%

The Principality announced that it has reduced its water consumption by 26%. © Unsplash

On the invitation of General Assembly President Csaba Kőrösi, Member States, scientists, civil society and the private sector gathered at the end of March at UN Headquarters in New York for a UN Conference on Water, more than 40 years after the first one. 

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres welcomed the commitments made in the Water Action Agenda that will propel humanity ” towards a sustainable, equitable and inclusive water-secure future for people and planet alike”. There are 700 concrete commitments to be implemented by 2030, with the aim of accelerating progress towards universal access to safe water and sanitation.


The implementation of a responsible management policy … has led to a 26% reduction in water consumption

Isabelle Picco

Monaco’s ambassador Isabelle Picco, who attended, stressed “the urgent need to rediscover the value of water and ensure sustainable management of this priceless resource.” The Monegasque diplomat, who has represented the Principality permanently at the United Nations since 2009, presented “the work being done by the Prince’s Government, including implementation of a responsible management policy that has led to a 26% reduction in water consumption”.

Isabelle Picco also emphasised the investments “in high-quality, efficient infrastructure such as the Wastewater Treatment Plant, which provides less polluting, more effective treatment of water in the Principality and surrounding French municipalities.”

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It was also an opportunity to discuss the actions carried out by the Principality through its development cooperation policy, in the field of access to drinking water and sanitation as well as the actions of the Prince Albert II Foundation for the preservation of freshwater ecosystems.

The Monaco Mission, fostering discussion

The Monaco Mission co-organised three events alongside the Conference. Four young women were able to share the innovative solutions they are implementing on a daily basis to reduce water-related climate impacts in the Bahamas, Uganda, Kenya and Ecuador, in partnership with Girls Rising and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

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An event organised jointly with the Peace Innovation Initiative, the University for Peace and the Costa Rican Mission took place at the premises of Monaco’s Permanent Mission, with around 60 participants in attendance. 5 civil society panelists discussed solutions to strengthen the links between grassroots actions and policy decisions.

Finally, a networking event at the premises of Monaco’s Permanent Mission to the UN brought together 60 young representatives of civil society to discuss the issues at stake at the conference.