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Baby, second elephant saved by Princess Stéphanie, dies

The 'Baby et Nepal' non-profit organisation was founded by Princess Stéphanie in 2013 to care for the two elephants - © Baby et Népal Association

Her adoption in 2013 saved her from being put down 

Sad news for all animal lovers… The Baby and Nepal non-profit announced the “sudden” death of Baby, a 53-year-old elephant, on Friday 14 July. Along with Nepal, she was one of two elephants saved from euthanasia by the Princess in 2013. Part of a circus in Lyon, they were suspected of carrying tuberculosis and a prefectoral order had sentenced them to death.


Although Nepal lost her life in 2018 from kidney failure, the two elephants lived out their twilight years in peace, as the Sovereign’s sister had hoped. In a press release, the non-profit explained that the animal had enjoyed “a wonderful retirement at the Fontbonne estate in Peille (Alpes-Maritimes)”. The 3,500 m² site is located right next to the Roc Agel estate belonging to the Prince’s family. The Princess herself financed the creation of the park where the two animals were kept.

The two female elephants were residents of the Parc de la Tête d’Or in Lyon for 14 years before being adopted by the Princess © Baby et Népal Association

Internet users were very moved by the news of her death, and the Princess paid tribute to her ward on social medias “Farewell Baby. Baby & Nepal now rest in peace”, she wrote, along with a black heart, a white heart and a prayer emoji.

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