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In Monaco, pay for your parking by phone

Two applications exist for parking - Monapass and PayByPhone - © Pixabay

The system allows you to pay for your parking space remotely, and totally securely.

Gone are the days of lost tickets and rifling for change in your pockets! Once again, Monaco Town Hall is looking to make life easier for its residents. That’s why, at the instigation of the Council, payment for on-street parking is ‘going electronic’.

The official informational poster – © Mairie de Monaco

While the traditional parking metres on route de la Piscine and rue des Lauriers have been replaced by a descriptive sign inviting users to download one of two applications – Monapass or PayByPhone – in order to pay for their parking using their mobile phone, the system works on all parking metres in Monaco.

Practically speaking, it lets you pay for your parking space remotely and “completely securely,” according to the Town Hall, which also points out that motorists can now “extend, reduce or simply end their parking time in just a few clicks”.

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  • For further information, contact the Police Municipale on +377 93 15 29 18
  • Official Monapass website
  • Official PayByPhone website