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Newborns at Rainier III Zoological Gardens

Four flying foxes were born in April. © Rainier III Zoological Gardens

Some 15 births have been recorded in the Gardens since June. 

Many of the 60 species in the Rainier III Zoological Gardens give birth every year. Last year, we heard the patter of tiny paws and claws belonging to 25 to 30 new ‘residents’, including a baby pink flamingo, who sadly died in July.


The Gardens’ staff have been busy since April. Four flying foxes, which are small bats (see photograph above), were born that same month. In May, six common shelducks hatched as well as ten common pochards, two duck species, some of which are now in the Princess Grace rose garden in Fonvieille.

Two red ibis were born in June. © Rainier III Zoological Gardens
Three  peacock chicks were born in June. © Rainier III Zoological Gardens

In June, an Azara’s agouti (a South American rodent), three peacocks, two Nicobar pigeons (from Asia) and two red ibises joined the Gardens’ population. And in August, seven ducks, or more precisely white-faced whistling ducks, which are easily recognised thanks to their long slender necks.

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