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“I think nothing is more important than to be supported and loved”: Princess Charlene confides

The Princess was in South Africa for the Waterbike Challenge organised by her Foundation - © Eric Mathon / Prince's Palace / Manu Vitali / Communication Department

The Princess spoke after her trip to South Africa.

Readers of the celebrity magazine Gala were treated to an exclusive interview with Princess Charlene on Thursday 21 September, following her trip to South Africa for the Waterbike Challenge.


A trip that she was particularly keen to make: ” It was important for me to be there to support the Foundation’s teams, but also the athletes who gave up their time to take part in the race and promote my Foundation’s actions as sportsmen and women. (…) There was a fantastic atmosphere. The participants and athletes really stepped up,” she said, happily.

The Princess welcomed the very first Waterbike Challenge in South Africa – © Eric Mathon / Prince’s Palace / Manu Vitali / Communication Department

Also asked about the Sovereign and their Children, the Princess stressed the importance of sport in the Princely Couple’s lives: “we wanted our children to take up sport at a very early age and to learn the importance of the positive values of sport, which we believe are essential to the development of every child and every adult. It started with learning to swim, of course, but Jacques and Gabriella soon chose the discipline that best suited them.”

After talking about their summer holidays in Corsica, which of course included water sports, the Princess concluded the interview by revealing what has helped her to feel “on fine form, happy and content” : “I think nothing is more important than being supported and loved.”

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