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Ventimiglia: former old town convent to become hotel

The history of the delle suore dell'Orto convent dates back to 1650, when noble families wanted a monastery where their daughters could study - ┬ę Il Secolo XIX

Situated in the heart of Ventimiglia Alta, next to the beautiful Santa Maria Assunta cathedral, the building has great potential.


Mayor Flavio Di Muro has given the go-ahead, stating his intention to use the municipally-owned building for accommodation and clearing the way for entrepreneurs to turn the property into a hotel. The building, located in the heart of the old town, once housed nuns but has been abandoned for years. In fact, the entrances were recently sealed off to keep intruders out. However the charm of its red ochre facade remains, with its elegant balusters and arches.

An increasing number of tourists

The new development, which will be able to accommodate dozens of rooms with a view over the Bay of Ventimiglia, comes as the town is undergoing a major transformation and attracting more and more visitors.┬á“Recent data confirms the increase in tourist numbers, giving us hope that operators in the industry will show fresh interest in the town; I hope we will see projects of that nature soon,” the mayor told the Italian newspaper Il Secolo XIX.

Marina Development, headed by Monegasque resident Robert Thielen, put forward a project to refurbish the property some time ago. It was rejected last June by the Ligurian authorities. The company, owned by the Dutch-born entrepreneur, had plans to convert the building into a medical spa, a project that, as reported, would have created 180 jobs. But the municipality decided to reassess the whole project, and agreed to the creation of a hotel. The Di Muro administration hopes the property, which at times has been squatted by transients and homeless people, will provide accommodation of a different nature soon.