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AS Monaco Basket: Oleksiy Yefimov talks finance

Oleksiy Yefimov says Monaco's financial situation is "very clear, very stable" © Romain Boisaubert / Monaco Tribune

The Executive Director of AS Monaco Basket, Oleksiy Yefimov, has expressed his confidence in the club’s future, thanks in particular to its financial situation. 

In an interview with AFP, Oleksiy Yefimov said that its main shareholder and owner Aleksej Fedoricsev “will be here for a long time to come” and that the Principality club “has no financial issues.” This guarantees at least this season’s budget, a forecast €27.511 million euros.


Moving in the same direction

“You just have to look at his eyes during the matches, he’s invested,” said the Roca Team manager, speaking of club president Aleksej Fedoricsev. “All of us are here to set up a sustainable project. His commitment is stronger than ever. Personally, I get up every morning wanting to help our club grow. There’s still so much to do. He knows that it’s not easy and that it takes time. But he also knows how to get there.” 

Recently, during the ASVEL-Monaco match in the Euroligue, Aleksej Fedoricsev demonstrated his close involvement, to the point of practically being on the players’ bench.

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Aleksej Fedorychev-min
Aleksej Fedoricsev, always in the front row at Roca Team matches (Photo © Communication Department)

And even though Fedoricsev, who also owns Skweek, has not yet paid two-thirds of the €7.5 million in sponsorship money promised to Lyon-Villeurbanne, Oleksiy Yefimov insists that there are no problems. “The partnership between Skweek and Monaco is very healthy. I’m sure that the relationship between Skweek and ASVEL is seen in a similar light at Villeurbanne. We’re growing together. Skweek is helping to develop French basketball as a whole. Basketball wasn’t a thing in France before. Now, thanks to Skweek, it is a visible product. We all have more appeal,” he explained.