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Monte-Carlo Fashion Week joins forces with AVIP to condemn violence against women

AVIP conf├ęrence MCFW tour des apparences
AVIP is celebrating 10 years in action on behalf of victims of acts of violence committed in Monaco ┬ę Communication Department / St├ęphane Danna / Etienne Dang

During the fashion-focused week, a number of talks were organised in tandem with the runway shows, to highlight certain issues, such as the violence endured by women from all walks of life.

To best represent all forms of violence, the Association d’Aide aux Victimes d’Infractions P├ęnales (AVIP – victim support charity) and Monte-Carlo Fashion Week (MCFW) presented ” The Tower of Appearances ” to the general public and the press, at a conference held at the Yacht Club.


The two-sided tower features 18 perfectly dressed, happy Barbie dolls on one side, and 17 damaged dolls and a red bench, the symbol of solidarity with victims and survivors of GBV, on the other.

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The two sides of The Tower of Appearances ┬ę Communication Department / St├ęphane Danna / Etienne Dang
The violent side of the tower ┬ę Communication Department / St├ęphane Danna / Etienne Dang

Here, the empty bench represents Mara, who died at the hands of her former partner in Italy. Her sister Vera Facchetti gave her personal account, for the first time in front of an audience. It was an emotional moment during the conference, as she recounted her sister’s tragic story alongside Val├ęrie Campora-Lucas, AVIP Managing Director and Federica Nardoni-Spinetta, President and Founder of MCFW and the Monegasque Fashion Chamber.

Val├ęrie Campora-Lucas, Managing Director of AVIP ┬ę Communication Department / St├ęphane Danna / Etienne Dang
With the microphone, Abigail Tara Lilly Kent, a model since the age of 15, and a victim of psychological violence ┬ę Communication Department / St├ęphane Danna / Etienne Dang

Each Barbie was created to give a voice to the victims and highlight all the forms of physical, sexual, emotional and verbal violence to which women are still subjected today.

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On the side of the tower, a QR code links to the poignant testimony of each of the artists who created a doll.