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4-year-old saves man by raising alarm during fire

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Monaco Tribune

The fire is thought to have been caused by a saucepan being forgotten on the stove.

An incredible story unfolded on Saturday evening. While the Grand Prix party was in full swing, a fire broke out in an apartment building at 9 rue Plati.


It was 8 pm when the fire started on the second floor of the “Les Mélèzes” building. Black smoke billowed from an apartment, and calls for help rang out. Ely, a 4-year-old child living two floors above, heard them and quickly alerted his father to call the fire department, as the child’s father explained in a Facebook post.

The fire is thought to have started when the owner of the burning apartment forgot about a saucepan on the stove. The victim was taken to the Princess Grace Hospital, suffering mainly from breathing difficulties caused by the toxic fumes from the fire.

Fortunately, the fire was quickly brought under control by the fire department and the police.

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The father was very proud of his son, and decided to post a message on Facebook and the group Aide et Solidarité entre les résidents de Monaco to congratulate him: “I’d like to congratulate my 4-year-old son Ely, who saved one of our neighbours who was having great difficulty breathing due to a fire in his kitchen, by calling the Monaco fire department.” He added: “bravo my little hero”.