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Casino supermarket at port Hercule to close

The Casino store is open 24/7 © Jérôme Louveton via Facebook

The premises should be taken over by another supermarket chain, however. 

The only shop that is open 24/7, the Casino supermarket located at 17 boulevard Albert I on the port is popular with Monegasques and residents. Nevertheless, it will be closing for good on the evening of May 27.


It’s no secret. The Casino group, in financial difficulty, has been forced to sell some 300 stores to the competition. This massive sell-off should enable the group to maintain its convenience stores in France.

The big winners are Intermarché and Auchan, which picked up a large proportion of the stores founded by Casino, with Carrefour taking over around twenty shops.

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For the time being, it is impossible to say officially which of the three will take over the Casino at Port Hercule, but one thing is certain, it will still be a supermarket.

The brand encourages its customers to “use up the balance on their Casino loyalty card”  before May 28. It states that “the Floa Bank card will continue to function as normal” and that it will be possible to “use it for all purchases.”

“The 24/7 service was really great”

With the announcement of the closure, the Casino is already being missed and in particular its opening hours – all week, 24  hours a day. Some customers find it “expensive”  but they recognise that its “24/7 service was really great” and “super useful.”

Most of the “Aide et solidarité entre les résidents de Monaco” Facebook page users hope that the 24/7 opening hours will continue when the new brand takes over and that prices will remain reasonable, or even less expensive.

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