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Didier Guillaume officially appointed new Minister of State

didier guillaume monaco minister of state
© Didier Guillaume / Facebook

It is official. As of September 2, 2024, Didier Guillaume will succeed Pierre Dartout as the Principality’s Minister of State. 

La Tribune du Dimanche had reported on May 19 that the Elysée wasn’t keen to accept the request by the Prince’s Government. “The Élysée reluctantly accepted the request of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco to appoint Didier Guillaume, 65, as Minister of State of the Principality. The choice of the former Drôme Senator and Minister for Agriculture is a surprise. The favourite was Patrick Strzoda, former chief of staff of the President of the [French] Republic,” according to the weekly newsapaper.


Former French Minister for Agriculture and Food, Didier Guillaume has held a number of public functions, including President of the Drôme Departmental Council, Senator for the Drôme, and first Vice-President of the Senate.

In the Palace’s official statement, Prince Albert II expressed his sincere gratitude to Pierre Dartout for “his exemplary service and great loyalty.” During his four-year mandate, Dartout guided the Principality through the health crisis while maintaining  the objectives of sustainable development, digital transition, attractiveness and administrative modernisation.

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An official tribute will shortly be paid to honour Pierre Dartout’s qualities and achievements, before his successor takes up the post on September 2.