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Yacht Club of Monaco’s traditional summer cocktail attended by Prince Albert II

Prince Albert II gave a speech at the Yacht Club's summer cocktail party © Communication Department / Stéphane Danna

The 2,500 members of the Monaco Yacht Club got together on Monday for a very special cocktail party. 

The Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM) held its traditional summer cocktail party on Monday 17 June 2024. An event that celebrated the 10th anniversary of its new premises and 40 years with Prince Albert II as its President.


“Today our premises are much more than just a building, they embody our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the preservation of our marine environment. The club is now a vibrant meeting place for our 2,500 members, encouraging them to get together and share their passion for the sea. It symbolises our determination to remain at the cutting edge of yachting while staying true to our fundamental values (…)” Prince Albert II declared.

Princess Caroline of Monaco and her son, Pierre Casiraghi, also came to support the Sovereign at the special event.

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© Communication department / Stéphane Danna

How to join the Yacht Club 

Very selective, Monaco’s Yacht Club is reserved for a clientele that has a passion for sailing and the nautical world in general. There is a member application process. Applicants must first be nominated by two sponsors who have been members of the YCM for over a year.

Once the application is sent to the Members Department, it will be examined by an admissions committee chaired by Prince Albert II. If accepted, the new member is officially inducted at a cocktail party attended by all YCM members.

The role of sponsor is not to be taken lightly as it involves, among other things, integrating the new member into the life of the club and introducing them to the other members.