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Remarkable 2024 baccalaureate success rate in Monaco

Pupils at Monaco's Lycée Albert I © Communication Department / Etienne Dang

Of the 264 candidates at Lycée Albert I, only two pupils have to do re-sits.

The results were published in the afternoon of Monday, July 8! 97% of Monegasque high school students obtained their baccalaureate at the first attempt.


‘Consistent’ results that Monegasque schools owe to “the investment and hard work of the students’, as well as the ‘commitment and the excellent support’ on the part of teaching and non-teaching staff, according to the Prince’s Government.

The overall success rate is slightly lower compared to the first round in 2023 when it reached 97.6%. On the other hand, one figure is rising: the number of honours. In total, 81.1% of baccalaureate passes were with honours, including 22.6% highest honours, compared to 79.9% last year.

© Communication Department / Etienne Dang

The results by category

In the general category at Lycée Albert I and Lycée François d’Assise – Nicolas Barré, 98% of students passed, 88.7% of which with honours. Of the 266 honours, 75 were ‘Très bien’ (highest honours), of which 11 received congratulations from the jury, 112 were ‘Bien’ (high honours) and 79 ‘Assez bien’ (honours)

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In the technological category, 100% of the baccalaureate holders passed their exam this year, 58.2% of them with honours. There is one ‘Très bien’, nine ‘Bien’ and 22 ‘Assez bien’ honours.

The Lycée Rainier III vocational category had a pass rate of 91.2% with 72.6% honours (61 honour students). There were five highest honours including one with the jury’s congratulations, 27 high honours and 29 honours.

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