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A pop art portrait of Princess Grace inaugaurated in Monaco’s hospital

Manuel Vitali

On Tuesday, Marcos Marin’s painting “Grace Forever” was inaugurated by Prince Albert II in Monaco. Other members involved in the artistic project dedicated to Princess Grace were also present.


Since 22 December, an optical art portrait of Grace Kelly has taken centre stage on the maternity ward at the Princess Grace Hospital. In honour of her humanitarian aid work, as well as her stunning looks, this portrait pays tribute to the princess’ legacy.

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“Grace Forever” is part of an artistic project, of the same name, led by Luciana de Montigny. President of the “Brasil Monaco Project” this artist wanted to create something special in the run-up to Grace Kelly’s 90th birthday.

Artist and friend to the Principality

Brazilian born artist Marcos Marin has strong ties to Monaco, including the Princely Family. After meeting Delphine Pastor in 2004, she invited him to showcase his talents in the Principality. Specialising in optical art, his work extends beyond painting as he has also produced many sculptures over the past 20 years. In particular, his creations focus on portraiture and the theme of identity.

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Looking back through his work, this is not the first time Princess Grace has inspired one of his pieces. He has painted her once before and this portrait is currently on display in the New National Museum of Monaco. However, his links to the Princely Family do not end here, as he also designed the official monument dedicated to Prince Rainier.