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Covid-19: the latest figures for Monaco and Alpes-Maritimes

Monaco Tribune

The beginning of this week was sadly marked by the 30th coronavirus death as a 68 year old resident living in the Principality passed away. In Monaco, 8 new positive cases were recorded on Wednesday 7 April, despite more people receiving the vaccine.

On Wednesday evening, 29 people were still being treated in the Princess Grace Hospital for Covid-19, with six of these patients in intensive care. In Monaco, a total of 2,353 people have so far tested positive for the virus. Since the pandemic began, the Principality has lost 30 residents to the disease. In order to combat the health crisis, the vaccination programme continues to make progress: last Thursday, 11,715 people had been vaccinated, which equates to 30.83% of the population, and 8,795 had received both doses of the jab.


Positivity rate is slowly decreasing in Monaco

Over the past few days, the positivity rate of tests carried out by people in Monaco has slightly reduced. On Sunday 4 April, it had come down to 3.77%, which is lower than the 4.70% it measured the week before and the 4.39% from the 22 March 2021. Testing for the virus is also being ramped up in the Principality, as 4,586 PCR and antibody tests were done between the 29 March and 4 April. This is an improvement from the 4,215 tests carried out two weeks earlier between the 15 and 21 March.

The situation worsens for France

However, the virus still has a tight hold on the Alpes-Maritimes department in France. Despite the vaccination rate now being at 19,36%, the positivity rate is still reported to be 7.3%. Yesterday, 708 people were in hospital due to Covid-19 in the Alpes-Maritimes department and 120 people were being treated in intensive care. In many parts of France the figures continue to rise and so the country is once again in a national lockdown. Yesterday, there were 30,904 people in hospital with Covid-19, which is a 9% rise in seven days. As for patients in intensive care, there has been a 13% increase in numbers in the space of a week, as 5,729 patients are now in the ICU.

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