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Charlotte Casiraghi shows off her voice on the runway

charlotte casiraghi song

On Tuesday 4 May, Charlotte Casiraghi featured in Chanel’s 2021-2022 Cruise runway show, showcasing her voice, rather than the latest fashion trends.


Most people know her for modelling with Chanel, or for being the fashion house’s cultural ambassador, but the daughter of the Princess Caroline of Monaco is now making heads turn with her voice. Taking place behind closed doors due to the pandemic, she performed at Chanel’s 2021-2022 Cruise runway show along with other famous artists.

Vanessa Paradis, Angèle, Juliette Armanet and Charlotte Casiraghi all accompanied Sébastien Tellier during his musical performance. Married to Dimitri Rassam, Charlotte Casiraghi was set on singing a song called La Roche: one of Tellier’s most famous pieces.

Shooting on a symbolic set

Completely at ease, Charlotte Casiraghi appeared quite at home during the performance with Chanel and rightly so, since the piece was filmed in Baux-de-Provence, in southern France, which is around 15km from Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, where she spent her childhood and wed her husband in 2019.

In fact, singing actually runs in their family. Dressed in a sequinned blazer, jeans and black boots, she may have been gifted her musical talents from her aunt, Stéphanie of Monaco, who had huge success with her song “Comme un ouragan” at the end of the 80s.