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Monaco’s electric car-sharing service expands its fleet

Mobee / Princely Government

Mobee, a car-sharing service in Monaco, now has 55 vehicles available for hire. On offer are 30 electric Twizy cars, seating two people for quick trips around the Principality, as well as 25 larger Peugeot e-208, for those making longer journeys.

A 24/7 car hire service letting you drive around Monaco as and when you need to, complete with free on-street parking and free space in their 35 partner carparks is expanding. As of last week, following the 2021 Ever Monaco green mobility conference, Mobee has just added 25 new vehicles to their fleet.


A battery life lasting for 340km

“In 2019, 11,000 journeys were made in Twizys,” explained Sébastien Lubert, Manger of Mobee, in an interview with Nice-Matin. “It’s a practical solution to parking in the small spaces in town and for going shopping, but it is still quite restricting,” he added.

The new Peugeot-208 additions to the Monégasque car-sharing service can travel 340km compared to the electric Renault Twizy, whose battery only lasts for 70km. In terms of price, the five seater cars cost 67.5 euros a day for those with a Mobee subscription and 40.5 euros for a day spent in a Twizy. Anyone hiring a car is free to drive it throughout the Principality and in certain neighbouring communes too.

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