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Prince Albert provides reassuring news on Princess Charlène

Prince's Palace of Monaco

Prince Albert II spoke about Princess Charlène, who underwent a sinus operation in August in South Africa.

There was much concern when it was announced that Princess Charlene had collapsed and had to be hospitalised. After her sinus operation on 13 August, she was pleased to have a visit from her family in South Africa. The Princely Family had immediately flown to support the Princess during this difficult period, and a very moving photo session took place while they were there.


Princess Charlène due to return as soon as recovered

Prince Albert II spoke to Monaco Info on Wednesday evening (8 September). He was keen to reassure the Monegasque population about Princess Charlène’s health, saying that she had suffered an alarming but “completely benign” loss of consciousness. The four-hour operation on her sinuses was a success. “She is not sure if she will be able to come home immediately,” said the Sovereign Prince. “I hope she will be able to return much sooner than expected, which is at the end of September, but we will see”. He then happily confirmed that the twins Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco had a great day back at school.