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When space technologies contribute to ocean expertise

Signature d'une convention de partenariat entre Robert Calcagno, DG de l'Institut océanographique et Philippe Baptiste, PDG du CNES -  - Musée océanographique
©M. Dagnino

The Oceanographic Institute of Monaco and the National Centre for Space Studies have signed a partnership agreement aimed at developing better knowledge of the oceans with the help of space technologies.


Already partners for several years through the organisation of the “Sea and Space” colloquium at the Maison de l’Océan in Paris, the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco and the National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) are preparing to intensify their exchanges on the theme of the oceans through space technologies.

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On Tuesday 14 September at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco, Philippe Baptiste, Chairman and CEO of CNES and Robert Calcagno, Director General of the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco, signed a partnership agreement to examine this issue in greater depth.

CNES, expert in space oceanography

The ocean, which covers most of the planet’s surface, is a complex space, ensuring the planet’s ecological and climatic equilibrium and a tremendous opportunity for economic development, at the heart of CNES’ activities. Over the past ten years, the French National Centre for Space Studies has developed expertise in space oceanography.

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Data that can now be placed at the heart of programmes developed by the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco, whose essential mission is to promote knowledge and protection of the marine world by raising public awareness of the key issues related to the oceans. This partnership is primarily aimed at the younger generation, who are expected to be particularly interested in space science, with a stimulating introduction to the problems and issues linked to the oceans.

Did you know?

The Centre national d’études spatiales is a national public establishment in the space industry. It implements the French space programme. CNES develops and directs scientific and technical research in space.