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Monegasque artist launches her own TV show in the US

Lorena Baricalla
Benoît Sorre

International artist Lorena Baricalla will soon be on screen in the new show Lorena & Friends.


Principal dancer, opera singer, actress… When you ask Lorena Baricalla about her career, it’s enough to make you dizzy! Leading roles in the Monte Carlo Ballet and for Monegasque National Day, founding of her own company, PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production, editing of her own shows, or even musicals… the list is long and by no means exhaustive!

Far from being satisfied with this already impressive resumé, the artist is now embarking on a new adventure: Lorena & Friends, a TV show that will soon be broadcast in the United States.

See Monaco in a new light

This new series of ten episodes (22 minutes each) will feature the artist going about her extraordinary daily life. Beyond Lorena’s adventures, the aim of the TV show – halfway between reality and fiction – will also be to put the Principality and its events under the spotlight.

Viewers will be able to go behind the scenes of the Monaco Yacht Show, the Monte Carlo Opera and the Hôtel de Paris through the eyes of Lorena, who will share her memories and anecdotes throughout these escapades.

Monegasque gastronomy, personalities and events will also have their own episodes. “The aim is to make people discover things that they couldn’t easily, but in a nice and accessible way. I don’t want to appear distant, as if we are part of an elite. The aim is to share the beautiful things, the art, the quality of life, but always with simplicity. I don’t want to create distance,” she explains.

A challenge to embrace

Already used to the cameras thanks to her performances, talk shows and social media, this new challenge did not dishearten Lorena.

Contacted by the American television station JUL-TV Network, the artist did not hesitate for a moment before accepting: “Any project always carries with it an element of excitement and the pleasure of novelty, but you of course ask yourself questions. Will it work out the way we want it to? It’s a challenge! But you shouldn’t back down from a challenge!”

The ten episodes will subsequently be available on several streaming platforms, such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime or Roku TV. Until then, viewers can check out the first images of the show on the artist’s social networks or her video interview conducted by Monaco Tribune.