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Princess Grace Hospital Centre receives a generous donation for Pink October

chpg octobre rose
Manu Vitali - Communication Department

100,000 was donated to the Fondation des Amis du CHPG.

Pink October is back in Monaco. An annual campaign where, since 1985, the month of October has been dedicated to breast cancer screening and prevention and where the Principality’s buildings are lit up in pink.


On the occasion of the launch of this operation, businessman Nicolas Delrieu and his wife Cristiana Crociani Delrieu both donated 100,000 euros to the Princess Grace Hospital Centre on Friday 1 October.

Nicolas Delrieu and Cristiana Crociani Delrieu donated €100,000 to the PGHC ©Manu Vitali – Direction de la Communication

The use of this generous donation has already been decided. The PGHC announced on its Facebook page that the money would be used to finance the purchase of new equipment for the Ultrasound Senology Department, a department specialising in breast problems. The costs of the patients’ procedures should also be covered.

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Cutting-edge technology

Another piece of good news for the PGHC is that this brand new device, called the IntactTM system, is expected to go even further than conventional devices. Patients with the disease could be treated much earlier thanks to image guidance, which would allow percutaneous, non-surgical biopsies to be performed. This would make biopsies cheaper, faster and less invasive.

At the same time, the PGHC hopes to reduce the delay in treating patients. With 52,000 cases per year in France, i.e. one woman in eight, breast cancer is the number one cancer in women, according to Valérie Barilaro, president of the “Ecoute Cancer Réconfort” association in the Principality. She nevertheless reminded Monaco Info that if the disease is detected early enough, nine out of ten patients can be cured.

Prevention is therefore more important than ever in the fight against breast cancer. But with the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of screening mammograms has fallen drastically. According to the PGHC, in one year, health professionals have recorded a 30% decrease in screening in 2020. With a new, simpler and quicker way of dealing with the disease, this device could therefore allow for better prevention of the disease.

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