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VIDEO. A day with a gardener in the Princess Grace Rose Garden

Roseraie Princesse Grace
Benoît Sorre

Gardener Guillaume Campiollo let us into the Rose Garden and shared his daily routine with us.

Guillaume Campiollo has been working in the Princess Grace Rose Garden for three years. Surrounded by the fabulous flowers he tends, he spoke to Monaco Tribune about what his job entails. Deadheading, weeding, treating plants, changing the flower beds … Every day, he takes care of the plants, in particular removing weeds called “cyperus”, which grow from May to November.


What’s special about this Rose Garden? Its Ecocert label, which certifies the exclusive use of organic treatments within the Rose Garden. Rainwater is also collected through a system of gutters, for watering the plants.

Guillaume Campiollo holds a CAP qualification in gardening and green spaces and has learned a great deal on the job. Proud to work for his country and keep it beautiful, he encourages apprentice gardeners: “it’s a great job, we are outdoors, we have everything we need. Go for it!”

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