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National Day: several Monegasque personalities decorated

ordre saint-charles grimaldi monaco
Direction de la Communication / St├ęphane Danna

The medals were awarded by the Prince on 17 November in the Cour d’Honneur at the Prince’s Palace and at the Louis-II Stadium.


It is an annual tradition that Monaco never fails to honour: the presentation of the medals of the Order of Saint Charles, the Order of Grimaldi and Education and Sport. Once again this year, Prince Albert II expressed his “pleasure and privilege” to present these honours, in a context that is still troubled by the health crisis.

The Order of Saint Charles

Created in 1858 by Prince Charles III, the Order of Saint Charles is the most prestigious distinction awarded in the Principality. The medal recognises merit and services rendered to the State or to the Prince. The Order comprises a hierarchy of five classes: the “Knight”, “Officer” and “Commander” ranks, which are awarded at the medal presentation, and the “Grand Officer” and “Grand Cross” titles. This year, the rank of Commander was awarded to R├ęgine West, President of the “Amiti├ę sans fronti├Ęres internationales” non-profit.

order saint charles grimaldi monaco
┬ę Eric Mathon – Prince’s Palace

The Order of Grimaldi

This distinction was created by Prince Rainier III in 1954. The Order of Grimaldi recognises and rewards services rendered to the Prince or his Family, as well as actions that have contributed to the prestige of the Principality. The same five hierarchical classes make up this order. The Rank of Commander was awarded to Jacqueline Lancre, Historical Research Officer of the Prince’s Palace this year.

During the ceremony, Prince Albert II praised the work of the Government of Monaco, the National Council and the entire population with respect to the health crisis, as well as the dedication of the health services and professionals. The Sovereign also paid tribute to the public sector, which has been bereaved on several occasions.

The Education and Sports medal

Awarded since 1939, this medal recognises people who, through remarkable performances, constant and exemplary activity, or by their teaching, contribute to the development of physical education and sports in the Principality. The first class medal is made of gold vermeil, the second class of silver and the third class of bronze. This year, the Vermeil medal was awarded to Patrick Lambin, Robert Parent, Gilles Porcier, Michel Sandri, Yuchi Sato and Raoul Viora.

education and sports medal
┬ę Communication Department / St├ęphane Danna

The Sovereign congratulated the recipients: “Each and every one of you, through your personality, contributes, in one way or another, to the aura of the sporting disciplines that contribute to the reputation of Monaco. Your talent helps show our young athletes that they can compete with others. You are, as it were, revealers, triggers, in the sporting sense of the term.”

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