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Flavio Briatore creates a buzz with Alba truffles nobody else could find this year

Flavio Briatore Monaco
Flavio Briatore via YouTube

Flavio Briatore caused a sensation on social networks, revealing massive Alba truffles that will be used in the dishes at his Cipriani restaurant in Monte-Carlo. 

Obviously, some people know where to look… and have the financial resources to do so! In November, businessman Flavio Briatore was very proud to show off his magnificent white truffles on social networks. What’s the big deal? It has been almost impossible to find Alba truffles this year, much to the chagrin of the producers.


“We have them!,” Flavio Briatore exclaims, brandishing a huge white truffle in front of the camera. “Look, these are certified Alba truffles and here we are at Cipriani in Monaco!”  A video that piqued the curiosity of Riccardo Germani, president of the national Italian truffle association, who considered it impossible that these truffles came from Alba.

A certificate of authenticity

Flavio Briatore decided to respond on his Instagram page, by publishing the product’s certificate of authenticity: “Seek and ye shall find… So we sought, found and bought the real Alba White Truffle (at 6,000 euros per kilo). Here is the proof for those who started the uproar over the authenticity and origin of our truffles .

Quite the buzz for the former manager of the Benetton and Renault F1 Teams, now a successful entrepreneur. Flavio Briatore has five restaurants in the Principality, including the famous Twiga, Crazy Pizza and Cipriani establishments..

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