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Self-tests in schools, extension of the health pass… New Covid-19 rules explained

Monaco Government

In particular, the Prince’s Government has planned to reinforce health measures in schools, applicable from Monday.


The Omicron variant continues to spread in Europe, and contaminations are on the rise.  On Sunday, January 2, the Principality had 43 new positive cases and 39 hospitalisations, including six in ICU.  A 73-year-old resident also died as a result of the virus on the evening of Saturday 1 January, bringing to 39 the number of people who have died of Covid-19 in Monaco since the beginning of the health crisis.

The Alpes-Maritimes are not unscathed either: according to the covidtracker website, the department has an incidence rate of 1,450 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, hospital stress is running at 100% and seven deaths are recorded daily on average.

Self-tests in schools and for employees

To stem the spread of the virus as much as possible, the Government has strengthened measures for the start of the school term on Monday, January 3: each pupil will now receive a self-testing kit, so that those who wish to do so can be screened. This will also apply to National Education staff.

Beyond the school environment, 50,000 self-tests will be provided, via a teleservice, to employers for distribution to their employees. At the same time, the Government has decided to make teleworking compulsory for all professions that permit it, in both the private and public sectors, until January 31, 2022.

From January 10, the health pass will be extended to new business sectors, such as construction, sport, aesthetics and tattooing.

Finally, the Government is repeating the call to vaccinate. To date, of those who are eligible for the vaccine, 67% of the resident population is fully vaccinated, compared to 75% in the Alpes-Maritimes.