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12 words about autumn in Monegasque

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How well do you know the Monegasque language? Monaco Tribune, in partnership with the Académie des Langues Dialectales, gives you a list of words and expressions to boost your vocabulary.


Autumn is here. It’s raining, it’s cold, the wind is blowing, the leaves are falling. But there’s sunshine after the rain. It’s time to head to the forest to pick mushrooms (chanterelles or porcini) and gather chestnuts. When autumn comes round, all sorts of squash and cabbages arrive on the market, as well as the succulent persimmon fruit.

After the special Hallowe’en vocabulary in October, the Academy of Dialectal Languages has sent us a list of 12 words in Monegasque to celebrate autumn!

  • Autumn : autunu
  • Rain : aigada
  • Wind : ventu
  • Forest : furesta, boscu
  • Mushroom : funzu
  • Chanterelle : girola
  • Porcini : bureu
  • Chestnut : castagna
  • Squash : süca
  • Pumpkin : süca runda e ciata
  • Cabbage : coru
  • Persimmon : kaki

As a reminder, the ü is pronounced [u] and the u, without the umlaut, is pronounced [ou].