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Mo’vember, raising awareness about male cancers

Pink Ribbon Monaco

The charity that promotes Pink October in the Principality, Pink Ribbon Monaco, is passing the torch.


Men, it’s moustache month! As November comes round, we notice moustaches starting to sprout on the upper lips of the male population. The aim is to raise public awareness of prostate and testicular cancer and, more generally, of male diseases.

Pink October for the ladies, Mo’vember for the gents. The Monegasque charity, Pink Ribbon Monaco passed the torch with a humorous Facebook post, “We checked ours, now you check yours”.

Different part of the body, same idea! While breast cancer detection by palpation is becoming increasingly well known and carried out, male diseases are still taboo. In order to address this, Pink Ribbon Monaco will be “dedicated to encouraging men to take early detection measures and potentially save lives.”

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Mo’vember is not just about prevention and awareness. It is also a good time to make donations to promote research into male diseases.

More info: Mo’vember